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Brompton Urban Challenge
A mixture of orienteering and cycling, teams taking part in a Brompton Urban Challenge complete challenges and follow clues around a city.
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Temporadas anteriores

BUC Rotterdam
17 sep. 2017
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Urban Bike Challenge, Toronto
26 ago. 2017
Toronto, Canada
BUC Shanghai
20 may. 2017
Shanghai, China
BUC Napoli
14 may. 2017
Naples, Italy
Urban Bike Challenge, Los Angeles
30 abr. 2017
Los Angeles, USA
BUC Brussels
23 abr. 2017
Brussels, Belgium
Urban Bike Challenge, San Francisco
16 abr. 2017
San Francisco, USA
BUC Geneva
19 mar. 2017
Geneva, Switzerland
Adelaide BUC & Brompton Sprint
15 ene. 2017
Adelaide, Australia